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    I was born and raised in Goiânia. By the age of 18, I moved to São Paulo. 8 months after that, my stove caught on fire. 5 seconds after that, I panicked and left the apartment holding my dog in one hand a and a bluetooth speaker on the other. You can say I thrive on a stressfull environment, can function in high pressure situations and have my priorities in place.
    Speaking of kitchen appliences, getting my hands on a Phillips Wallita Juicer was all I could think of since I was a kid that watched way too much Discovery Home & Health. At 22 I bought one. That means I'm goal orientated, patient and can easily compromise (it was a Juicer, not the Phillips Wallita with 3 different blades that can juice an entire apple without chopping). 
    I've thrifed 3 vintage rugs. No outake here, I just am really proud of that. Just as proud as I am of winning awards like Effie Latam, CCSP and Profissionais do Ano. 
    I've worked with some impressive clients: Matte Leão, Comfort, Dove, my parent's pet store, Santander, Vivo and Jeep.
Creating and Copywriting
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Follow this for my weirdly specific thoughts about margherita pizza.